Semi Automatic Paste, Sauces And Juice Filling And Sealing Machines

GP Paste Filler

Technical Specification:

  • Suitable to fill thick viscous liquids with suspended granules or pieces like curry, ready to eat cooked pulses/halwa, chutney, salsa sauce etc.

  • Pneumatically operated, incorporates state-of the art Japanese technology.

  • The weight range is easily adjustable by turning of a toggle lever controlled metering device which indicates the exact weight being filled.

  • Can be operated in both manual (foot operated) and automatic dosing mode.

  • Easy to dismantle and install, easy to clean, conforms to GMP standards.

  • It can be used for filling in cans/bottle/pouch.

  • Available in Filling mode 25-250ml, 50-500ml, 200-1000ml.

  • Capacity 10-15 Bottle/min

UGC-Bl Filler :

Features :
  • The filler incorporates state-of-art pneumatic filling technology for accurately filling thick viscous products.

  • The product to be filled into the infeed hopper (capacity 10-15 kg) and is automatically sucked into the piston pump which accurately quantities and dispenses the same through the filling valve.

  • The machine is made completely from SS304 and conforms to GMP standards, easy to dismantle and clean.

  • The machine doesn't need any electrical load

Available In Following Models

UGC-BL-1 (Single Head) Filler
Model Filling Range Capacity
UGC-BL/1-100 10-100 20-25 Fills/Min
UGC-BL/1-500 50-500 12-18 Fills/Min
UGC-BL/1-1000 200-1000 8-14 Fills/Min
UGC-BL/1-2000 500-2000 6-10 Fills/Min

UGC-BL-2 (Double Head) Filler

Model Filling Range Capacity
UGC-BL/2- 100 20-100 40-50 Fills/Min
UGC-BL/2- 500 50-500 12-18 Fills/Min
UGC-BL/1-1000 100-500 24-36 Fills/Min
UGC-BL/2- 1000 200-1000 16-18 Fills/Min
UGC-BL/2- 2000 500-2000 12-16 Fills/Min

Vacuum Filler

Function:- (Suitable To Fill Liquids Like Ketchup,Sauces,Syrups,Juices In Glass Bottles With Narrow Necks)

Technical Specification:

  • Suitable for filling all types of liquids to a predetermined level in glass, rigid HDPE & aluminum bottles with narrow necks.

  • The machine uses vacuum suction technology which helps in filling the bottles and simultaneously removes entrapped air inside the bottle. This helps in increasing the shelf life of the filled liquid.

  • The machine is designed to fill ketchup, hot syrups at high temperatures/Ambient temperature.

  • The bottles are placed manually on spring loaded base which helps in accommodating and filling different height bottles.

  • The machine first creates vacuum in the bottle and then fills the product using suction pressure.

  • The overflow jar/tank stores the overflow liquid during the filling process.

  • The machine is available in 2 different models with 2 -6 filling head options.

(Fitted with water-in-type vacuum pump, SS covers and 20 ltrs SS tank for collection of Overflow liquid. this type is applicable for hot filling liquids like tomato ketchup, sauce which is filled at 90”C.the hot air fumes are condensed by the watering type vacuum pump which results in higher filling speeds and long life of the machine)

Model Head Capacity
UVF 21 2-Head 10/12 Bottles/Min
UVF 24 4-Head 20-25 Bottles/Min
UVF 27 6-Head 35-40 Bottles/Min

ACCESSORY :- Single phase motor can be provided with an extra charge of Rs. 2400.00

HS-CODE :- 84351000

PP Cap Sealer For Glass Bottles

(Suitable To Apply Pilfer Proof Caps On Glass/Pet Bottles)-(Normal Type )

  • It is equipped with threading and roller operation for hermetic sealing of the caps.

  • The bottles are placed manually by hand on the base. The sealing operation is done by Sealing head which conducts integrated operation of threading and rolling of cap onto the bottle neck.

  • The integrated threading/rolling operation ensures hermetic sealing of pp/po cap onto the glass bottles.

Available in following models

Model Capacity
PP3 Table Model 6 Bottles/Min
PP9 Motorized Model 4-Head

Crown Corking Machine (Hand Operated)-(S Series)

Technical Specification:

  • Suitable for sealing glass bottles with crown cork.

  • Heavy duty hand operated model sturdily built with CI body frame.

  • The height of the capper is adjustable to accommodate different size of glass bottles.

  • The machine due to simple hand push corking action, enable user to seal different size bottles with minimal breakage.

  • Speed approx. 10-12 bottles/minute.

Lug Cap Sealers - P Series

Technical Specification:

  • Suitable For Sealing Glass Bottles With Wide Mouth With Lug Caps Like Jam/Pickle/Bottles.

  • Pneumatically operated, applies uniform pressure on the caps.

  • After the constant pneumatic pressure is applied, the operator twists off the cap using the mechanical handle, thus sealing the cap onto the glass bottles.

  • The hermetic sealed bottle ensures long-shelf life of product like jam/pickles/condiments /salsa etc.

Can Body Flanger (Hand Operated) 1 No.

Technical Specification:

  • Suitable for flanging round cans after reforming to achieve hermetic seaming.

  • Hand operated simultaneously flanges both ends by precision, hand operated toggle lever operation.

  • It can flange round can bodies of 200-700dia range and 1-1/2-10” height.

  • Sturdily built, ergonomically designed for easy operation.

  • Single piece graded CI body ,proven design based on Metal Box, UK technology with over 500+ units sold worldwide

Can Lid Embossing Machine 1 No.

Technical Specification :

  • Suitable to mark/emboss the manufacturing date, batch no/expiry date on the lids of can before seaming.

  • Easy to use, sturdily designed.

  • Incorporates 3line World-Holder, easy to adjust numerical/letters.

  • Based on international design sturdy & proven technology of Metal Box, UK with over 500+ units sold worldwide.

Can Body Beader

Technical Specification :

  • Suitable to bead the can body to strengthen and avoid paneling after retorting.

  • Designed to beads cans of 301, 401, 601 and 700 Dia can sizes.

  • The purpose of beading a can is to provide extra strength to the can thus avoiding dents in the cans/after retorting while storage/transportation.

  • 3rd generation can Beader design with easier to use/change over to difference can sizes using change parts/Incorporates Nylon Base for beading thus avoiding scratching inside the can.

  • The advantage of end user to use cans of lesser thickness, thus running on recurring basis.

Can Seamer (Can Still Type) - BM 102DS

Technical Specification :

  • High speed, can rotary type seamerwith foot pedal operation.

  • Equipped with 4 Nos seaming rollers providing perfect hermetic seam to can.

  • Suitable to seam metal/composite/aluminums cans with ordinary/EO ends, with application for Regular/Other Indian Sweets, Composite Cans/Fruit Pulp/Puree/Juice Can /Tobacco Cans etc of Metal/Composite/Pet.

  • High speed seamer incorporates German technology, sturdy & proven design with more than 500+ units sold worldwide.

  • The can remains stationary while the seaming head rotates, achieving hermetic seaming.

  • Capacity approx. 25-30 cans/min.

Can Seamer (Can Still Type) Model- UDS

Technical Specification :

  • Can still design seamer, Suitable for high speed/high accuracy seaming requirements for food pulp canning.

  • Produces high quality hermetic seaming based on international seamer design of Metal Box, UK.

  • Suitable for seaming cans between 202-700 DIA ranges, easy to change-over to various can sizes.

  • High speed seamer, sturdily designedrobost construction, body of graded CI material.

  • Integrates automatic seaming operation after the can is placed & pedal is pushed, can gets disengaged automatically after seaming operation is complete.

  • Suitable for filled can top lid seaming as the cans is stationary while the seaming head with roller rotate thus seaming the can hermetically.

Can/Bottle Retort Sterilizer (Vertical/Full Body Immersion)

Technical Specification :

  • Suitable for sterilization of cans/glass bottles using direct steam purging technology/ full body immersion.

  • The cans/bottle are placed into crate which is placed inside the retort and filled with water.

  • The fully immersed cans/bottles are then subjected to high pressure/high temperature sterilization ranging between 80-100OC for 15-60 minutes

  • Made of mild steel,sturdily built are tested for high pressure.Sterilization upto @3kg/cm2 ,fitted with pressure guage,thermometer,safety valve.

Straight Line Exhaust Box

Technical Specification :

  • Suitable to exhaust / remove all gases from the headspace which will minimise air-pockets and enhance shelf life of products in cans after seaming.

  • It helps to remove oxygen, which could otherwise cause corrosion, oxidization and discoloration of the can or the product.

  • It also ensure that the temperature of the products/syrup is above 850C at the time of seaming, thus ensuring constant temperature especially for Rasgulla/Indians sweets/canned fruits/vegetables.

  • The exhaust box comes with 3 variable speed options depending upon the product to be exhausted.

  • Cans are placed on to conveyor with lid on top, passes through the exhaust tunnel of 12/18’ length process time & picked upto top end seaming of lid immediately.

  • The exhaust box comes in 3 designs.

    • MS MODEL: Frame Of MS With/ Cover Of Aluminum (Chain Of Mild Steel) --- Standard Model
    • MS MODEL: Frame of MS with/ Cover of Aluminum/ Chain of Stainless Steel --- Deluxe Model
    • SS MODEL: Frame of SS with/ Chain of SS/ Cover of SS --- Superior Model

Cooling Conveyor (For Cans, Bottles And Pouches) 1 No.

Technical Specification :

  • Suitable to reduce the temperature of hot-fill drink bottles to pet/glass to ambient temperature or increase the temperature of cold filled aerated to 36-40OC

  • The shower cooler incorporates water spraying temperature while the bottle gets conveyed.

  • The PET bottles filled at 75OC make the bottle unstable and therefore need to be cooled down to ambient temperature to avoid paneling of bottle/cans also helps in creation of vacuum inside the bottle/can.

  • The shower cooler can be designed into 1/2/3 stage and in case of 2/3 stage design, the cans/bottles are subjected to warm water spray in 1st stage followed by ambient/chilled water/spray in the 2nd & 3rd stage.

  • Complete structure is made of SS 304 and the conveyor belt is made of high temperature resistant polypropylene (CPP).

  • The shower cooler incorporates high pressure pumps for each of the 2/3 stage cooling and also infeed/Outfeed pump for pumping in/out of the spray water.

  • The shower cooler incorporates 2/3 recirculation/collection chambers dedicated to different stages and are fitted with temperature sensors which pump out hot water at designated set temperature.

  • The shower cooling is recommended to be connected to cooling tower/chiller on per requirement of product.

  • The complete system is automatic incorporated VFD and carbonation temperature controllers.