Cooking Equipment (Batch Type)


Suitable to preheating of pulp extracted for final processing/pulping. The pulp is circulated through the heat exchanger for pre-heating upto required temperature. Steam is heating media used in the heat exchanger to heat the pulp. After achieving the required temperature the product is discharged to a pulper for pulp extraction.

Advantages of pulp pre-heater :

  • Deactivating the enzymes, which are likely to be generated.

  • Getting good colour and maximum recovery.

  • Better quality of the product.

Pulp Preheater (Hot Break System)

  • Suitable to inactive pectinaze enzymes and help in extraction of lycopin from tomato.

  • Fully automatic system. The crushed tomato is pumped through tube in tube heat exchanger system to enable it to reach a temperature of 80 deg to 90 degC.

  • The system is fully automatic with automatic product temperature.

  • High pressure pumps and balance tank.

Technical Specification:

  • All contact parts made of stainless steel (AISI 304).the main frame is made of Mild steel duly painted with rust resistant paint.

  • Capacity 1000kg/hr per hour.

  • The product is fed into the infeed hopper manually and gets crushed by SS rotor which crushes it against the SS blades and is ejected by the Outfeed hopper.

  • Crushing head size is 8” and is designed for easy cleaning after use.

  • Fitted with 3 HP direct shaft mounted flanged motor.

Technical Data :

  • Product: Crushed Tomato

  • Feed rates: up to

Temperatures :

  • Feeding 30oC

  • Hot break up to 80oC

Hot Water Set :

Hot water Preparation System 1 No

  • Water connection in Battery

  • Steam flashed in the battery through a steam diffusion device placed inside the battery.

  • Bottom is connected to the suction of the hot water recirculation pump

  • Steam valve, steam strainer, safety valve, pressure gauges, steam control valve on the steam line

Hot water pump (Centrifugal Type)

  • Centrifugal pump

  • Mono block SS-304, pump with mechanical seal

  • Complete with motor, SS frame


  • Saturated steam at 4 bar/g - 30 kg/hr

  • Electric energy consumption - HP

  • Compressed air with 6 bars - nl/min.

Scope of supply :

  • Complete Shell and tube heat exchanger

  • Balance tank

  • Mono pump for product transfer

  • Supporting frame

  • Set of fittings and valves

Instrumentation and Control :

  • Set of local pressure gauges and thermometers

  • Measuring and control system with panel

  • PID Control panel in stainless steel, with start/stop, motor contactors,

  • Supporting frame

  • Set of fittings and valves

Cooking Kettle (Steam Jacketed)

The crusher consists of :

  • Suitable for cooking/heating & preparation of various fruit products like pulp/ketchup/jam/juice/beverage.

  • Batch type, incorporates hemispherical jacketed design which ensures even heat distribution through steam.

  • The temperature shall be completely uniform throughout the entire jacketed surface of the kettle to eliminate any hot spots to scorch the pan or product

  • The kettles are 2/3 jacketed for maximum steam utilization and efficiency. Complete with pressure gauge, safety valve, and steam pet cock/steam trap.

  • Kettle bottom with hemispherical design for heat transfer.

  • Mounted on a M.S/S.S stand. The kettle has a tilting arrangement through worm gear/pinion which helps to completely empty the contents from it. After cooling by simply turning the wheel.

  • The steam jacketed kettles are manufactured Advanced Argon Welding ( MIG/TIG) Technology.

Cooking Kettle (Steam Jacketed-With Tuflon Scrapper Attachment)

Information :

  • Kettles with scrapper/stirrer arrangement are suitable to cook/heat/different food products like pulp/juice/jam/ketchup etc.

  • The kettle is fitted with a scrapper unit with an electric motor coupled to a suitable reduction GEARBOX/TEFLON/HELICAL GEARED MOTOR.

  • The scrapper evenly scraps the inner surface of the kettle. This ensures that there is no blackening or charring of the product while cooking or heating.

  • The kettles are 2/3 jacketed for maximum steam utilization and efficiency.

  • Batch type, incorporates and ensure hemispherical design which ensures even heat distribution

  • The temperature shall be completely uniform throughout the entire jacketed surface of the kettle to eliminate any hot spots to scorch the pan or product.

  • The steam jacketed kettle are manufactured using Advance Argon-Gas Welding (TIG/MIG) Technology ,and the inner/outer portion are made from 3mm SS 304 sheet & hydraulic tested for with stand pressure up to 3kg/cm2

Vacuum Evaporated Kettle (Batch Type)

  • Suitable To Evaporate/Heating For Making Products Like Jams/Puree/Pulp/Concentrate/Ketchup Etc.

  • The equipment uses advanced vacuum based evaporation technology to ensure cooling is done at -55-60oC under vacuum condition, thus ensuring faster evaporation & cooling and preserving natural color /clarity, taste and aroma of the ingredient & final product.

  • The vacuum evaporated vessel is complete with condenser, scrapping arrangement, rotary vacuum pump and duly interconnected with all necessary fittings and accessories.

  • The geared motor scrapping attachment fitted with tuflon ensures there is no blackening or scorching inside the vessel during cooking/evaporation.

  • The vacuum evaporated kettles are manufactured using Advance Argon-Gas Welding (TIG/MIG) Technology and the inner/outer portions are made from 4mm SS 304 sheet, hydraulically tested.

Juice And Sauces Homogeniser

(Suitable To Homogenise Juices,Pulp,Ketchup,Sauces To The Desired Consistency)

Technical Specification :

  • Designed to evenly homogenize different liquids to a desired consistency using double stage High Pressure Homogenization Technology.

  • The Homogeniser incorporates a piston ram pump type action which forces the product through the homogenizer jet.

  • The equipment is rugged design enclosed in stainless steel cabinet.

  • The homogenizer head/chamber is made from single piece forged 316 blocks with suction & discharge valves made of Stelite and fitted with diagram type pressure indication gauge.

Pasteurizer (Multitube Coaxial Type)

Technical Specification :

  • Fully automatic pasteurizer is designed for heating, pasteurization, holding and cooling of liquids like milk, juice and other beverages to prolong their shelf life.

  • The equipment is skid mounted and incorporates balance tank, water heating system, holding tubes, cooling section. The system is controlled through PID, flow pneumatic diversion valve and steam flow controlled valve.

  • Pasteurizer is available in plate type/tubular type models in capacities from 500 to 10,000LPH

  • Pasteurizer (Multitube Coaxial Type)A

Technical Design Parameter :

Item Capacity
Product Inlet Temperature 35oC
Pasteurization Temperature 95oC
Holding Time 15 - 30 Sec.
Heating system Hot Water

The pasteurization would consist of the following accessories :

Balance Tank

Suitable for intake of product & recirculation during pasteurization process made of SS 304, cylindrical with float valve/inlet &outlet valve and connected to the feed pump. Capacity: 100-500litr (depending upon pasteurization capacity).

Pasteurization Feed Pump

Suitable to pump the product & recirculation during pasteurization process screw type /centrifugal type depending upon the viscosity of the product to be pasteurized.

Hot Water Preparation System

Suitable to hot water for feeding to the pasteurization section .utilizes direct steam injected steam controlled through pneumatic steam control valve/steam valve/safety valve. Incorporates tubular heat exchanger battery/PHE section, depending upon the capacity of pasteurizer /product application. Made of SS 304,fitted with pneumatic steam control Valve/safety valve/pressure gauge/inlet &outlet temperature sensors etc.

Pasteurization Heat Exchange Section

The pasteurization section incorporates co-axial tube-in-tube design/shell & tube design for accurate heat exchanger.

Advance design SS tubes & nest ensures accurate achievement of pasteurization temperature using hot water as Heat-transfer medium. The tubular design provides turbidity to viscous products like pulps/puree and even flow during pasteurization. After achieving the pasteurization temperature, the product in passed through the holding tubes to ensure holding of the product of the pasteurization temperature of 90-95oC.

Cooling Section

The pasteurization section can be interconnected with cooling section in case the outlet temperature of product inrequired at 70-75OC ( IN CASE OF RTD JUICE ) or milk .The cooling section utilizes cold water from cooling tower to bring down the temperature up to 60-75OC in case of juice (if needed to be packed in PET bottles).

In case of milk ,the cooling section is divided into 3-section utilizing regeneration of heat ,followed by cooling tower water and chiller water/glycol, thus effectively bringing down temperature to around 4OC. the cooling section incorporates automation like digital temperature sensors/controllers and the outlet flow is controlled through a Pneumatically actuated flow control valves.

Instrumentation /Control Panel

The complete pasteurization unit is automatic and incorporates suitable automation system like digital temperature controller fitted with PT 100 sensors ,steam control valve, pneumatic flow control valves, pressure gauge/safety valve optionally with PLC /touch screen. Which ensure accurate pasteurization temperature and outlet temperature.