Canning of RTE Food Items

Can Body Flanger (Hand Operated) 1 No.

Technical Specification:

  • Suitable for flanging round cans after reforming to achieve hermetic seaming.

  • Hand operated simultaneously flanges both ends by precision, hand operated toggle lever operation.

  • It can flange round can bodies of 200-700dia range and 1-1/2-10” height.

  • Sturdily built, ergonomically designed for easy operation.

  • Single piece graded CI body ,proven design based on Metal Box, UK technology with over 500+ units sold worldwide

Can Lid Embossing Machine 1 No.

Technical Specification :

  • Suitable to mark/emboss the manufacturing date, batch no/expiry date on the lids of can before seaming.

  • Easy to use, sturdily designed.

  • Incorporates 3line World-Holder, easy to adjust numerical/letters.

  • Based on international design sturdy & proven technology of Metal Box, UK with over 500+ units sold worldwide.

Can Body Beader

Technical Specification :

  • Suitable to bead the can body to strengthen and avoid paneling after retorting.

  • Designed to beads cans of 301, 401, 601 and 700 Dia can sizes.

  • The purpose of beading a can is to provide extra strength to the can thus avoiding dents in the cans/after retorting while storage/transportation.

  • 3rd generation can Beader design with easier to use/change over to difference can sizes using change parts/Incorporates Nylon Base for beading thus avoiding scratching inside the can.

  • The advantage of end user to use cans of lesser thickness, thus running on recurring basis.

Can Seamer (Can Still Type) - BM 102DS

Technical Specification :

  • High speed, can rotary type seamerwith foot pedal operation.

  • Equipped with 4 Nos seaming rollers providing perfect hermetic seam to can.

  • Suitable to seam metal/composite/aluminums cans with ordinary/EO ends, with application for Regular/Other Indian Sweets, Composite Cans/Fruit Pulp/Puree/Juice Can /Tobacco Cans etc of Metal/Composite/Pet.

  • High speed seamer incorporates German technology, sturdy & proven design with more than 500+ units sold worldwide.

  • The can remains stationary while the seaming head rotates, achieving hermetic seaming.

  • Capacity approx. 25-30 cans/min.

Can Seamer (Can Still Type) Model- UDS

Technical Specification :

  • Can still design seamer, Suitable for high speed/high accuracy seaming requirements for food pulp canning.

  • Produces high quality hermetic seaming based on international seamer design of Metal Box, UK.

  • Suitable for seaming cans between 202-700 DIA ranges, easy to change-over to various can sizes.

  • High speed seamer, sturdily designedrobost construction, body of graded CI material.

  • Integrates automatic seaming operation after the can is placed & pedal is pushed, can gets disengaged automatically after seaming operation is complete.

  • Suitable for filled can top lid seaming as the cans is stationary while the seaming head with roller rotate thus seaming the can hermetically.