Auto Bopp Labelling Machine

  • Fully automatic linear opeartion for 200ml-2000ml bottles(with certain change of parts )

  • Machine if built fully in stainless steel

  • Height adjustments to suit various bottle sizes.

  • Imported gluing unit sprays minimal quantity of hot melt adhesive (very minimal wastage.)

  • No cleaning of the nozzle or glue unit,before production (less maintenane & saves time)

  • Minimal change –over time,to shift fromone size to an another size of the bottle

  • Fitted with PLC control.

Dimension of the m/e: 5.5 mtr(L) X1.2 mtr(W)X 2.0 mtr(H) (approx)
  • Frame structure and side cover will be of S.S 304 material rest parts & contact parts will be also in SS 304 (ceratin internal mechanism of the machine,such as cam ,chainand sprockets etc. that will be internal & not exposed will be of (S.S).

  • 3 HP geared motor for unwind unit.

  • Rotary turret for label holding attachment for labelling.

  • Servo meter will be panasonic make of 2kw for nip roller.

  • 3 HP motor coupled with bonfigoli gear box for main drive.

  • Vacuum pump will be of 3HP.

  • S.S Infeed & S.S outfeed conveyor.

  • 1 HP geared motor of bonfiglioli/hindustan nake-1no. (For conveyor).